This Farfalle Pasta with Tuna will melt in your mouth


Farfalle with tuna
2 cups farfalle;
1 tbsp olive oil;
1 onion;
3 cloves garlic;
1 cup bechamel sauce;
1/2 cup water;
1 cup canned tuna;
1 lemon;
Green parsley;
1/2 cup parmigiano

Step 1: Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package.
Step 2: Pour oil in a pan and add the chopped onion.
Step 3: Let the onion soften.
Step 4: Add the crushed garlic and stir.
Step 5: Add the bechamel sauce and mix to blend.
Step 6: Add water and simmer for 5-10 minutes.
Step 7: Add the tuna and mix well.
Step 8: Add the lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste.
Step 9: Cook for 5-10 minutes.
Step 10: Pour the pasta and mix all the ingredients.
Step 11: Add parsley for extra flavor and grated Parmesan cheese.
Step 12: Enjoy this delicious farfalle pasta with tuna recipe