Forget the Bakery! This Homemade Chocolate Cake is Pure Heaven


10 oz powdered sugar
1 cup melted chocolate
1 cup melted butter
1 cup flour
1/4 cups cocoa
9 eggs
4 cups milk
1 rum essence

Step 1: Separate the whites from the yolks.
Step 2: Put the powdered sugar in a deep bowl and add the egg yolks.
Step 3: Mix until the yolks get a lighter color and become creamy.
Step 4: Pour the melted chocolate over the steam bath and incorporate it into the mixture.
Step 5: Put the melted and cooled butter and mix until incorporated.
Step 6: Add cocoa and rum essence and mix well.
Step 7: Add a small quantity of milk and a spoonful of flour, mixing to incorporate.
Step 8: Continue until you finish incorporating the milk and flour.
Step 9: In another bowl, mix the egg whites with the salt powder until you get a stiff foam.
Step 10: With a spatula, incorporate a small quantity of the egg white foam into the chocolate mixture.
Step 11: Continue until you add all the foam.
Step 12: Put the composition in a baking tray lined with baking paper.
Step 13: Put the tray in the oven preheated to 300 F (150 C) degrees for one hour.
Step 14: Enjoy this smart chocolate cake recipe!


The smart chocolate cake or the chocolate magic cake is officially one of my favorites. I simply adore it! It is so easy to make and so good, and in addition, it is also smart because it forms its own layers in the oven. Miraculously, it splits into two layers of top and one layer of custard during baking.

The magical chocolate cake is prepared easily, quickly, with ingredients that you can surely find in your kitchen. By following the steps and the preparation method, you will get a smart dessert that will be appreciated by all family members or guests.